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Small electrodes (0.15 inches diameter) are used to measure muscle activity, large ones (0.3 inches in diameter) are used to measure skin conductance. When the skin warm and moist surfaces rub together, he breaks the protective layers and provides opportunities for the yeast to invade the skin. I don’t know how to react or to feel towards my dad now. I’m also worried about them recording it and I don’t feel comfortable putting that stuff on the internet, ’cause people can steal videos and stuff like that. Penis model for condom application, 2011. Men’s ability to apply condoms to a penis model were compared to their skills in putting it on their own penis. A water-based personal moisturizer should be used when stimulating this area, and it is important that if not using a toy made just for anal play that the massager is either covered with a clean condom or cleaned thoroughly before it makes contact with a vagina afterward.


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