Amazon to pull Kindle out of China, other businesses to remain

SHANGHAI, Free Book June 2 (Reuters) — said it will stop supplying retailers in China with its Kindle e-readers from Thursday and will shut its Kindle e-bookstore there next year, in the latest pullback by a U.S.

tech firm from the restrictive Chinese market.

But because these services use satellites at geostationary orbit — more than 35,000 kilometers (22,000 miles) from Earth’s surface — their speed cannot match that of fiber, prohibiting use for high-speed tasks li

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The US online retail giant wants to strengthen its lucrative diversification into IT services, and «provide low-latency broadband to a wide range of customers,» including those «working in locations without a reliable internet co

Other Western internet companies, including Microsoft’s LinkedIn, Yahoo and Airbnb Inc have cut services in or retreated completely from China in recent months, amid government efforts to tighten control over online content and new laws targeting data sharing and customer privacy.

In addition to the satellites themselves, Amazon plans «small, affordable client terminals» along the lines of Echo smart-homes and Kindle e-readers, and promises to «provide service at a price that is affordable and accessible to customers,» with no further pricing details im

To technologist and public data access activist Carl Malamud, the AWS outage highlights how much Big Tech has warped the internet, which was originally designed as a distributed and decentralized network intended to survive mass disasters such as nuclear attack.

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But the bandwidth marketing specialist, who asked to remain anonymous, also noted that low-orbiting spacecraft are far more vulnerable than geostationary ones, as demonstrated by the recent loss of dozens of Starlinks after a magne

The report detailed how the Kindle business was one it had sought to expand in China, and cited an internal 2018 Amazon briefing document that said by the end of 2017, China had become Kindle’s largest global market, «accounting for 40%+ of our world device sales volume».

Mamaearth was co-founded by Varun Alagh, a former Hindustan Unilever executive, and his wife Ghazal. With the brand endorsed by popular Bollywood celebrities, the duo has cashed in on growing e-commerce adoption in India by offering its products on platforms such as Amazon and Walmart’s Flipkart.

The roughly eight-hour Amazon Web Services outage on Tuesday shut down communications between the e-commerce giant and the fleet of thousands of drivers it relies on, preventing drivers from getting route assignments or packages, according to The disruption hit the app Amazon uses to communicate with the network of independent contractors who carry out much of its last-mile shipping, leaving vans that were supposed to be on the road idle, sources told the outlet.

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As a global business, we periodically evaluate our offerings and make adjustments, wherever we operate,» a spokesperson for Amazon said in an emailed statement. «We remain committed to our customers in China.

In late March, the United Nation’s International Telecommunication Union remarked that «once considered a luxury, internet connectivity became crucial for Classic Book many during the COVID-19 pandemic as populations faced stay-at-home orders and many practices move

CEO Alagh told the Business Standard newspaper in January that 70% of Mamaearth’s sales come from online platforms, but it was targetting a bigger offline presence and aiming to reach 40,000 retail outlets in 100 cities this year.

The company said by 6pm that the issue was mostly resolved, and at 7.30pm the network device issue had been fully resolved, with Amazon adding that it was ‘working towards recovery of any impaired services.’ The AWS outage began at around 10am ET and had widespread impacts.

Although Amazon sells books directly there is also an option to buy ‘new’ and ‘used’ from other sellers if they also have copies available, which can often be found on website links below a description of the literature. Anyone can sign up as one of these third-party dealers if they are able to set up an Amazon seller account — though the online giant typically gets 15 per cent of the proceeds from sales.

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